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Additionally, you have the possibility to get the usage fee reduced if your company is certified to use both the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and the EU-Ecolabel. Tel.:+45 72 30 04 50 · · · CVR: 11733212 Ecolabelling Denmark is responsible for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and the EU Ecolabel - the two official ecolabels in Denmark. Double certification with the Austrian Ecolabel for tourism and either in the Austrian Ecolabel for Educational Institutions or the Austrian Ecolabel for Green Meetings and Events leads to a reduction of the respective annual fee by 25%. If the respective audits are consolidated, the application fee will also be reduced by 25%. The guidelines form the basis for the certification of a product/service with the Austrian Ecolabel.

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This will enable companies to flexibly adapt the changeover to the new logo to their processes. The new logo should be visible in the retail trade where possible from the 01/01/2018. Application for Nordic ecolabel licence - Printing houses, March 2020 Page 1 of 2 Application Nordic Swan Ecolabel Licence for Printing companies, printed matter, envelopes and other converted paper products Submit this application to: Date: Applicant details . Company name (legal): VAT number: Since then he has continued to deliver the EU Ecolabel scheme with UK Ecolabel Delivery and assisted in developing sustainable forestry criteria for the GPP and the EU Ecolabel schemes for DG Env. His work with the EU Ecolabel scheme over 10+ years has included technical advice on criteria development, representing the UK in Brussels and working with applicant companies. What is a Nordic Swan Ecolabelled printing company and printed matter? 4 Why choose the Nordic Swan Ecolabel The fees are harmonised across the Nordic countries and specified later in the report.

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international network of third-party controlled Ecolabel companies and organisations. We offer companies a credible, voluntary Ecolabel that is an effective  Mar 29, 2021 · Bavarian Nordic is a fully integrated biotechnology company focused its Global Aktie equity fund had been awarded the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. The EU Ecolabel ended up in the top four in the same study. This publication presents 18 good examples (“success stories”) from small businesses, operating in  In Iceland, the Nordic Swan has a formal legal status as an official ecolabel with its own national ecolabelling secretariat.

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The relevant Basic Award Criteria for the group of products and services states the contractually agreed period of use for the EU Ecolabel. During this period, the contractual partner is required to pay an annual fee each year based on the schedule of fees. What does the Ecolabel provide for companies? Federal, state and local authorities increasingly prefer eco-labelled products in public procurement.

FR/011/012. DOUBLE A, 5  Our ambition is to find the best companies in the next generation of growth markets. We will strive to invest in companies that are prepared to  The company, K Ungh AB, is a modern and efficient manufacturer of Wet Wipes located in Bollnäs, 250 km north Nordic Swan Ecolabel / Wet wipe for children. Home · Companies; Essity Hygiene and Health AB Nordic Swan Ecolabel / Bind and tampons. Created with Sketch. Nordic Swan Ecolabel / Kitchen roll. Welcome to EU Ecolabel's list of assessed pulps.
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Ecolabel companies

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel also rewards production processes EU Eco Label: Broad range of environmental criteria. EU Energy Label: Rates electrical appliances on a broad efficiency scale from A-G and gives information about other aspects of environmental performance, including noise, water use, and so on. Fair Trade Foundation: Fair trade tea, coffee, sugar, and other commodities. About EU Ecolabel. The EU Ecolabel is Europe's counterpart to the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and one of the world's top ecolabels.

This number must be stated together with the EU Ecolabel Logo during the period of use of the label. Eco Label Company, China Experts in Manufacturing and Exporting calcium chloride, snow melter, de-icer What is a Nordic Swan Ecolabelled printing company and printed matter? 4 Why choose the Nordic Swan Ecolabel The Nordic Swan Ecolabel and the EU-Ecolabel promote circular economy. We are over-consuming the Earth’s resources. Global warming is one of the greatest challenges we face, and the amount of waste we produce keeps growing and growing. In other words, there is serious need for a circular economy.
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5. 2018 onwards. The initial fee is to be paid after signing the licence contract. The annual fees are due on the respective calendar day of the following year. The fee is collected and administered annually by the concessionaire commissioned by the Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism. You can find criteria for products which can be certtified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel or the EU Ecolabel here.

2020 L'Ecolabel européen la "Fleur", créé en 1992, est la certification écologique officielle européenne. Ce label concerne des produits qui ont un  22 Apr 2019 And when asked about the state of business today, 57% of respondents said that companies have a negative impact on the environment, while  significato della certificazione ecolabel, perchè preferire prodotti ecolabel, ecolabel come garanzia di efficacia e basso impatto ambientale. 18 Jun 2013 With 435 labeling programs globally, companies need to be smart when picking one for their products. 16 Aug 2012 Information for Companies ecological criteria for the award of the EU Ecolabel for printed paper - is the legal paper which includes objectives  18 Apr 2019 The challengeThe Nordic Ecolabel guarantees that climate requirements are The Ecolabel is predominant in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and to compare themselves with other similar companies and their waste . EU Flower, or are approved by Nordic Ecolabelling and meet the requirements for paper that can be used by Nordic Swan Ecolabelled printing companies … EU Ecolabel Products: Paper Products / Graphic paper. The Navigator Company, 74, Portugal. FR/011/010.
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Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Chain of Custody Certification Eco-labeling standardization is a new form of regulation which is voluntary in nature but impose upon large companies market forces in order to harmonize production of goods and services with stronger ecological practices. Recently, it has turned into a new form of non-state authority at both national and international levels. List of eco-label companies, manufacturers and suppliers The following table provides an overview of all groups of products and services that can be labelled with the EU Ecolabel. If the terms of validity are extended due to new EU decisions, the extended term of validity will be stated. When opening, the respective criteria and … Established in 1992 and recognised across Europe and worldwide, the EU Ecolabel is a label of environmental excellence.

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The member state will be responsible for ensuring that the product meets European criteria and will make the decision whether or not to grant the certification. Likewise, European regulations must analyse the impact of The Blue Angel ecolabel may only be used for the end product that has been awarded with the label, unless the corresponding products have their own Basic Award Criteria (e.g. such as for "upholstered leather"). My product that has been awarded with the Blue Angel ecolabel is then subsequently processed (for example, upholstered leather). Eco Label Companies should move.

For more information, see the websites : Denmark In 1989, the Nordic Council of Ministers decided to introduce a voluntary official ecolabel, the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. These organisations/companies operate the Nordic Ecolabelling system on behalf of their own country’s government. For more information, see the websites : Denmark Ecolabelling Denmark Fonden Dansk Standard The Austrian Ecolabel is awarded to products or services, tourism and catering businesses as well as schools and non-school educational institutions. In the tourism and education sectors, the entire company is certified. The EU-Ecolabel's criteria are revised approximately every 4-5 years. When new criteria apply to your product, you must renew your certification if you wish to continue having the EU-Ecolabel on your product.